Great Used Books and The Best in New Books

Join Special Activities and Events at Your Local Bookstore

Join Special Activities and Events at Your Local Bookstore

BARNEY LOVES BOOKS provides a large selection of new and used books in a beautiful, historic town in Southern New Jersey. I invite you to join in the fun with my upcoming special events see below for what is scheduled in the near future

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    Book Reading for Kids

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    Special Guest Author Appearances

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    Movie and Book Tie-Ins

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    Read the Book Before You See the Movie

Barney Loves Books

After a long 3 months we are finally open again during our regular hours.  See below.  If the hours don't work with your schedule, just let me know at 856-624-4723 and I can arrange a scheduled time with you as I live only blocks from the store.

If you come in the store you must wear a mask over your mouth AND your nose.  If you don't have a mask I can sell one to you.  We do have hand sanitizer for your use.

There are a couple of specials at the store right now.  Thanks to a generous lady in Woodstown who wished not to be named, we have $200.00 set aside for childrens books.  The first $5.00 of the purchase of childrens books is on the young lady.  The amount of money available is limited to the $200.00 so come in soon.

Also, spend $25.00 in the store and get a free very nice barneylovesbooks tshirt at no charge.

It's been a tough 3 months for all small businesses so I hope you will support all that you can.  We need your support to survive.

The online bookstore on the website will continue to run at  Click on Shopnow.  Books are adding each week.  If you buy a book online you will be charged for shipping but should you decide to pick pu the books at the store, the shipping charge will be returned to you.

I hope I'll see you in the store soon.  I've missed seeing my customers.


Hours   Wednesday and Thursday 11-5, Friday 11-6, Saturday 10-3.

Once a month we have a wonderful group of ladies who get together for a book club once a month.  If you'd like to join, call me, Tom, at 856-624-4723 Wed- Sat. or see me at the store. There's always room for more.

Contact me today to learn more.