101 Reasons to Love the Phillies by Ron Green Jr.

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Leave it to the Phils to kick off their 2007 season as the team with the most losses in professional sports history and then finish off in October as champions of the National League Eastern Division. Baseball in Philadelphia has always been a wild ride. 101 Reasons to Love the Philliesrelives the greatest moments of one of baseball's oldest, most storied teams. With vintage photography and action shots of today's superstars, sportswriter Ron Green, Jr., takes us through the Fightin' Phils' colorful past. From their humble beginnings at Baker Bowl and their first pennant win in 1915 to the Phillies' World Series Championship in 1980 and the beloved cast of characters that brought home the 1993 pennant, Green recounts more than a century of glory and upsets. The lovable green, furry Phillies Phanatic; stands packed with notoriously rowdy, cheese-steak eating fans; memories of old Veteran's Stadium it's all here in a handsome hardcover volume. The101 Reasons to Loveseries would be incomplete without a tribute to this one-of-a-kind team.
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