A Morning In June by James W. Evans

The forgotten War, the Coldest War,  many names given to the Korean War.  This 2010 book is a marvelous history of the last few days of the war.  Love history?  You'll enjoy this book This is a hardcover book in excellent condition For more books like this, check this website, email barneylovesbooks@gmail.com or visit our store at 2 S Main St. in Woodstown, NJ...MORE
By June 1953 the Korean War, marked at the outset by extremely fluid advances and retreats up and down the peninsula, had settled into position warfare very near the original pre-war demarcation line between North and South Korea. At this point both sides were fighting to win a peace, to achieve incremental advantages that could be translated into gains at the peace negotiations in Panmunjom. These last days of the war saw savage battles for control of important local terrain features, and in the trench warfare of the Chorwon Valley a young U.S. Army lieutenant was assigned to lead an infantry company charged with holding Outpost Harry against a determined Chinese assault.