Basketball All Pro Stars 1982 by Bruce Weber

Here is a book considered a personal guide to the 1982 season.  Would Boston repeat as NBA champions, is Houston for real, can Philly and LA bounce back.  There are stories on new faces in the league Joe Barry Carrol, and Kevin McHale.  And news on superstars Dr J., Jabbar, Bird and the rest. Of course the older basketball knows the answers and it's fun to look back, for the new basketball fan its a chance to read some real history of the game....MORE
Dr. J., Julius had just finished his 5th year the Philadelphia 76ers., Larry Bird had been a all star in his rookie year and led Boston to a championship, Moses Malone was with the and at 6'1" Nate Archibald was called Tiny.  1981 was a great year for the NBA and this book looks back at the season and previews how the author see 1982.  Great fun to look back for the real baskeball fan. For more great sports books, basketball, baseball, football hockey, any sport, email