Biomech Art by Martin De Diego Sadaba

Biomech Art: Surrealism, Cyborgs and Alien Universes Hardcover. The book came out in 2013 and is used but its in like new condition.  You pay 50.00 for a book, you're going to take good care of it, and this books owner really did. For more books like this, check this website or email
H. R. Giger created the world of the 1980 Alien movie without the benefit of a Mac and is still a major inspiration for today's obsessive digital artists. Now a collection of artists working in surrealist biomechanical graphis in art, computer games, and movies with far more powerful tools at their disposal to create their own alien art are pushing the boundaries of the visual—the new Gigers. This book features more than 50 top artists from around the world working in the genre where the boundaries between computer games and movies increasingly blur.