Crash by Dick Allen and Tim Whitaker

This well written baseball book traces the tumultuous career of a baseball superstar who has also seen his share of trouble--from ongoing wars with the baseball establishment to on-the-field brawls, to his experience as the first black player in Arkansas.  Richie Dick Allen arrived in the major leagues in 1963 for a few games at the end of the season and in 1964 playing 3rd base on a regular basis won the rookie of the year award.  A 300 hitter who hit massive home runs, one season hitting 40 of them. But after 6 full seasons with Phillies, Allen began a forced journey that took him to St. Louis, LA and then Chicago in just 3 years.  This book tells the story of Dick Allen in his words. The way it was for him. Why he was a rebel.  Read it today and learn more about this great hitter of baseball....MORE
He was rookie of the year in 1964.  Eight years later he was named most valuable player for the Chicago White Sox.  At one time he was the highest paid players in baseball.  He was also an outlaw, traded or released during his career so that he played for 5 teams in 14 years.  So the story of one of great baseball players of the 60s and 70s is told in this fine book by Tim Whitaker. For more baseball books in stock email