Eisenhower by David Eisenhower At War 1943-1945

You may have thought you knew a lot about the years 1943 to 1945 and the war in Europe but after reading this book you'll realized you may not have known anything at all.  David Eisehower's research into this book is in great detail, and much of the detail he leared while sitting with his Grandfather.  A must read for anyone with an interest in WWII or Ike. This is a hardcover version of the book in excellent condition. For more books like this, check this website or email barneylovesbooks@gmail.com  ...MORE
A masterful work by David Eisenhower showing the intricacies of the battle strategy employed by his grandfather while balancing the complicated political interests of the Allies. His insight into the motivations of Eisenhower and his subordinate commanders is amazing as well as his description of the intimate involvement of both Roosevelt and Churchill. A must read before visiting Normandy and other WWII sites.