Harry Potter Trivia Book

The Ultimate Unofficial Harry Potter® Trivia Book explores the newest secrets and fun facts that make up the wonderful world of Harry Potter. If you think that you have already solved every mystery or discovered every twist that J. K. Rowling has hidden in her works, think again!  This book includes book 6, the "Half-Blood Prince. This is a rare paperback book printed in 2005 For more books on Harry Potter including some very rare books, check out the books on this web-site or email barneylovesbooks@gmail.com...MORE
In this exciting new work from author Daniel Lawrence, learn all the answers to a multitude of Harry Potter book and movie trivia questions, even those you never would have thought of, such as: What event slowed the filming of Goblet of Fire? Why is the country of Belgium so significant to Movie IV? What new process endorsed by J.K. Rowling was used in printing Book 6? Professor McGonagall’s first name, Minerva, is the Roman name for which Greek goddess? An essential read for Harry Potter fans, The Ultimate Unofficial Harry Potter Trivia Book gives new, fascinating details about the first six books in the series. It contains a collection of fun multiple-choice questions along with little-known information about the world’s most famous wizard. Learn the secrets behind the magic and what comes next. The Ultimate Unofficial Harry Potter® Trivia Book is the perfect companion to the entire series. About the Author: New Yorker Daniel Lawrence has spent years researching and mastering the complex clues and puzzles found in the writings of J. K. Rowling.