I lick my cheese by Oonah O'Hagan

It wasn't a big seller but inside is some really funny stuff.  If you went to college or are just going, you'll enjoy this book This is a hardcover copy of the book in excellent condition.  First printed in the USA in 2009 For more books like this, check this website or email barneylovesbooks@gmail.com...MORE
Like the bestsellers PostSecret and Found , I Lick My Cheese appeals to the voyeur in all of us and presents uncensored evidence from everyday lives. Presenting four-color reproductions of all kinds of notes between roommates along with her own witty commentary, Oonagh O'Hagan humorously reveals the ridiculous experiences, twisted battles, and petty desperation of people who have to live together. From the bedroom to the living room and all the filthy kitchens and bathrooms in between, every imaginable trial is on display here: bongs accidentally left out for visiting grandparents, panty-sniffing creeps, ham theft, and things stored in refrigerators that really, really shouldn't be. Originally published in the U.K., where it was a big bestseller, I Lick My Cheese has been revised and Americanized to be the ultimate support-group-in-a-book for those suffering from enforced cohabitation.