Kate Remembered by A. Scott Berg

Kate Rembemberd was written in 2003 shortly after her death.  Its an intimate story of one of great ladies of movies. This is a hardcover version of the book in good condition. For other books in our store, check out this web site or email barneylovesbooks@gmail.com...MORE
If you don't know anything about Katharine Hepburn, this is not the best place to start. If you are familiar with her work and know a little bit about her background though, this book is a treasure. Hepburn is a legendary actress. Her career spanned decades and her performances make a lasting impression on the viewer. Part of what makes her so memorable is her attitude, uncompromising and strong, but also vulnerable. A. Scott Berg came into contact with Hepburn through other projects but quickly became her friend. She hosted him at her house in Fenwick many times and the two became close over two decades. His memories and astute observations about who Hepburn really was underneath the star persona are invaluable. The fact that he shares them here to a public eager to feel they know the celebrities they admire is wonderful and satisfying.
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