Nils Larsson, American

This great book was written by Jane Toy Coolidge and late in life lived in Merchantville New Jersey.  The book is very rare, I was only able to find two other copies on various websites.  Ms Coolidge signed the book in May of 1976.  Recently her daughter was in my store and also signed the book.  It was by chance that her husband noticed the book on the shelf.  A great book store story.  The book is higher priced due the rarity and because of the two autographs.  ...MORE
Nils Larsson, American is the story of young Nils Larsson and his family, sweedish settlers who are trying to restore Swedish rule in New Sweden which is part of the Delaware Valley.  This was territory first settled by the Swedes by then taken over by the Dutch and then the English.  This is a fiction story but fun for readers of all ages