Philadelphia: Three Centuries of American Art

This is a marvelous book of American Art from the city of Brotherly Love. This is a papercover book in excellent condition. For more books like this, check this website, email Tom at, or visit our store at 2 S Main St., Woodstown, NJ...MORE
This encyclopedic and fully illustrated volume is a major reference work for the arts of Philadelphia. A complete catalogue of the 1976 Bicentennial exhibition held at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, it documents the art and history of the city and its environs through a chronological presentation of objects in every medium--painting, sculpture, architecture, prints, drawings, and photographs, silver and pewter, furniture, ceramic and glass, and other decorative objects. Over 550 works are presented in their artistic and historical context in thoroughly researched and highly readable essays by 37 scholars. Included also are detailed biographies of artists and makers. Tracing the continuous development of artistic achievement in one of the foremost centers for the arts in the nation, this major sourcebook begins with the period of the earliest Colonial settlements and continues up to 1976, the year of the nation's Bicentennial. With over 600 illustrations.