Play Like You Mean It by Rex Ryan

No longer in the news, Rex Ryan's time with the Jets is just a memory but it was quite a ride.  Read all about it here in this book in 2011. This is a brand new hard cover copy of the book and it is a first edition. For more books like this, check this website or email,
Rex Ryan was made head coach of the New York Jets in 2009, his infectious energy and love of the game  made him one of the best-known coaches in the NFL. Play Like You Mean It invites readers behind the scenes of the NFL from Rex’s days coaching the Baltimore Ravens and Arizona Cardinals, to his acceptance of the head coach position for the Jets, to mentoring Mark Sanchez as he transformed from a young USC grad to a seasoned QB, to all the thrilling, controversial ups and downs of the Jets’ 2010 season. With his characteristic frankness and exuberance, Rex reveals his philosophy of life, both on the field and off, and shares colorful stories of growing up with twin brother Rob and their father, legendary NFL coach Buddy Ryan.      
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