Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy

Tom Clancy's second book, Red Storm Rising, co-written with Larry Bond, 1986. From Kirkus Reviews: "... Islamic extremists sabotage a major Siberian oil field, leaving the Soviet Union faced with years of fuel shortages. The hawkish Minister of Defense convinces {Russia] to first neutralize NATO, then invade the Persian Gulf and seize control of its oil. To buy time... the Russians make a major arms-control initiative. analyst for the NSA notices and reports unusual activity. Soon forces everywhere are on full alert. Teams of elite Red Army troops attack selected West German targets and a shooting war is on. A US base in Keflavik, Iceland, is shocked by a Soviet air and sea assault. The valuable post is lost, but not before a....small band of men escape and head for the barren Icelandic outback, where they radio reports of Soviet activity to satellite intelligence. The capture..not only cuts down on effective defense against subs, it also gives the Russians a handy launching spot for air raids on the convoys.. bringing supplies and soldiers across the Atlantic to Europe. [The]commander of the U.S.S. Pharris defends the convoys and tracks shadowy subs until his ship is crippled. In Germany tank battalions attack and counterattack. [while]. a pack of US subs [goes] deep into the Barents Sea, where they let loose a volley of missiles that hit bases within the USSR. THEN]....... Clancy populates both armies with both armies with intelligent and likable men, arms them with astonishingly powerful weapons (for some, the virtuosity of these high-tech arms will be the book's greatest appeal), and succeeds in keeping the action crisp, absorbing The breadth of activity precludes the neat structure of suspense that distinguished Red October. But, still, an informative, readable, sometimes dazzling speculation on superpower war." A 1986 hardcover in good condition.  One corner of the book is a little chewed up but does not hurt the book.
Price : $3.00