Rip Tide by Catherine Coulter

A 2000 book release by Catherine Coulter.  It's a great read for fans of revenge and thrills.  The book is used but in very good condition.  It originally sold for$23.95...MORE
Revenge and Murder are a great combination for this suspense novel by New York Times Best-selling author Catherine Coulter.  The lead character in this used book from 2000 is Becca Matlock.  Ms Matlock is the senior speechwriter for the Governor of New York when she receives a phone call warning her to stop sleeping with the Governor or she'll be killed.  Even though she's not sleeping with the governor the threat and those to follow send Ms. Matlock fleeing to coastal Maine she heads to Rip Tide the home of a college friend.  Instead of finding safety, she finds herself in more danger.  If you're a fan of Ms. Coulter you'll love this book.  Although almost 400 pages long it's a fast read. Great for a long weekend or a night or two away from the boredom of television. Like Catherine Coulters books then email .   We have a wide selection.