Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin

If you are sick of regular Diet books or you just want a laugh then you may enjoy this 2005 paperback. It can't be too bad as it was a number 1 New York Times Best Seller. For more books like this check this website or email  ...MORE
Not your typical boring diet book, this is a tart-tongued, no-holds-barred wakeup call to all women who want to be thin. With such blunt advice as "soda is liquid Satan" and "you are a total moron if you think the Atkins Diet will make you thin", it's a rallying cry for all savvy women to start eating healthy and looking radiant. Unlike standard diet books, it actually makes the reader laugh out loud with its truthful, smart-mouthed revelations. Behind all the attitude, however, there is solid guidance. Skinny Bitch espouses a healthful lifestyle that promotes whole grains, fruits, and vegetables and encourages women to get excited about feeling "clean and pure and energized".