Tales of Terror by Christopher Pike

This the Tales of Terror book 1 from Mr. Pike in paperback. It's in good condition although the cover has some marks on it.  It looks like there was something stapled to the cover and taken off which caused some some cuts in the cover. It did not touch the inside of the book For more books like this, check this website or email barneylovesbooks@gmail.com...MORE
The Tears of Teresa: A married couple is kidnapped late one night and drive at gunpoint across the desert. Their assailant promises them pain and death. He says he has his reasons. The Burning Witch: Marvin Summer, world-famous horror writer, is asked by an old high school friend to help her extricate herself from a strange cult. The only problem is . . . this cult is run by real witches. The Tomb of Time: Is everything destined? Are love and pain inevitable? Or are the cards of life constantly being reshuffled at the bottom of an eternal tomb? Plus other strange tales from the master of horror.