The Kill Order by James Dashner

The fans of the Maze Runner will love this prequel.  This is a 2012 paperback in good condition. For more books like this, check this website or email
Set thirteen years before the prologue and events of The Maze Runner, the novel begins in New York City when the world is hit by catastrophic solar flares. Mark and Trina form an alliance with Alec, Lana, and others who rescue them from a group of street urchins. The group flees to the fictional Lincoln building to avoid an impending tsunami. They camp out in the building for weeks until a yacht arrives and the ship's crew takes them hostage and kills one of them. Alec manages to overcome their captors and they take the yacht as their own, and they pilot the boat to the Appalachian Beaches. The story resumes one year after the tsunami near Asheville – a small North Carolina village where Mark, Trina, Alec, and Lana now live. Huge helicopter-like vehicles called Bergs arrive and attack the people in the village; the Berg crew showers their settlement with darts that kill many villagers. Alec and Mark manage to subdue and take over a Berg but its pilot crashes the vehicle to avoid answering questions. They discover that the darts contained a deadly virus, and start their long journey back to their village.