The Story Of The White House Cornerstones of Freedom

The Story of the White House, a Cornerstone of Freedom is a great book to read to your child or if she/he is a young reader, a book they can read and understand. As someone who loves history I love these books for their education value. They are short, about 32 pages. illustrated and fun to read.  American history should be fun.  These are great beginner books in a school setting or home schooling. This is a hardcover book in great condition, published in 1966. For more books like this, check this website or by email at
The Cornerstones of Freedom books, first published in the 1960s, are great books for a young persons first introduction to our history.  The provide a brief overview of important historical events and famous people. They are well-illustrated and only about 32 pages each for a concise, focused read.  This book as indicated by the title tells the story of the White House.