The Terrible Hours by Peter Maas

A true story of hero's from WWII.  This is a 1999 hardover book in like new conditon.  This is a first edition which gives it even greater value For more books like this, check this website or email Or you can visit our store at 2 S. Main Street Woodstown....MORE
On the eve of World War II, the Squalus, America's newest submarine, plunged into the North Atlantic. Miraculously, thirty-three crew members still survived. While their loved ones waited in unbearable tension on shore, their ultimate fate would depend upon one man, U.S. Navy officer Charles "Swede" Momsen -- an extraordinary combination of visionary, scientist, and man of action. In this thrilling true narrative, prize-winning author Peter Maas brings us in the vivid detail a moment-by-moment account of the disaster and the man at its center. Could he actually pluck those men from a watery grave? Or had all his pioneering work been in vain?