View from the Booth by Chris Wheeler as told to Hal Gullan

Chris Wheeler is coming up on his 40th year working for the Philadelphia Phillies, the last 33 as a widely recognized television and radio broadcaster. He is one of the few people in the Phillies to have participated in both championship seasons 1980 and 2008. As Tim McCarver points out in his Foreword, Chris Wheeler is accomplished at telling stories. From his first experience behind a mike at Penn State in the 1960s to his reflections on the Phillies ring ceremony at the Ball Park on April 8, 2009, Wheels can paint word pictures like few broadcasters in any sport. His View from the Booth encompasses memorable portraits of people and places you re invited to share, all the highs and lows of nearly four decades with the never-boring Philadelphia Phillies...MORE
He was called "Wheels" and for 4 decades he called Philadelphia Phillies baseball.  This is his story and if you were a Philly fan you'll love the stories as told by "Wheels". For more book on Phillies baseball and all sports, email