We'll Always Have Paris by Ray Bradbury

This is a collection of 21 Ray Bradbury short stories and 1 poem. This book was released in 2009.  This is a used paperback in very nice condition. For more books like this, check this website or email barneylovesbooks@gmail.com...MORE
After more than a half century at the game, Bradbury still hasn’t lost his masterful touch. His stories and novels are part of the American language.  Fahrenheit 451. The Martian Chronicles. The Illustrated Man. Dandelion Wine. Something Wicked This Way Comes… these are just a few of the vast collection of master works by Ray Bradbury, one of the best-known and most beloved of American writers. We’ll Always Have Paris, his new collection of stories gathered together for the first time, is a treasure trove of Bradbury gems—eerie and strange, nostalgic and bittersweet, searching and speculative… and a joyous celebration of the lifelong work of a literary legend. amazon.com