Who's Afraid Of A Large Black Man? by Charles Barkley

The most personal and controversial book Sir Charles has written.  i'm not a huge basketball fan but I am a big Charles Barkley fan.  He was a heck of player and an even bigger personality.  And a lot of it is here in this book This is a hard cover copy of the book and its in excellent condition. For more books like this, check this website or email barneylovesbooks@gmail.com...MORE
In this controversial national bestseller, former NBA star and author of I May Be Wrong But I Doubt It Charles Barkley takes on the major issue of our time. Who's Afraid of a Large Black Man is a series of charged, in-your-face conversations about race with some of America's most prominent figures, including Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson, Samuel L. Jackson, Morgan Freeman, Ice Cube, Marian Wright Edelman, Tiger Woods, Peter Guber, and Robert Johnson.